Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Works

Oh Softness, dear, if you will be a whisper,
I will press my ears close to your bosom,
Only to hear your heart beat soft.

Oh Happiness, new, if you will be a flower,
I will wait up the night to see you bloom,
And water your roots with my blood so oft.

Oh Calmness, low, if you will be a star,
I will leave my footprints on the snow,
For an angel to shine your light on my way.

Oh Dulceness, sweet, if you will be a kiss,
I will close my eyes, in your anticipation,
And feel you on my lips, not a word say.

Oh Humanness, kind, if you will be a hand,
I will stretch out mine to hold you tight.
And walk with you, with a matchless grace.

Oh Darkness, lone, you are my child,
You shall stay in the deepest pit of my heart,
But heart, I shall never look on your face.

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