Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Don't make friends

"Don't make friends with the Wind"
The Earth would tell the Tree,
"He will bring you fragrance from far off lands,
He will tickle you with his invisible hands,
And when you are drunk in his tender charms,
He will unleash the most impetuous storms,
He will strip you and try to bring you down,
Before you have the time to frown,
Heed my friend, if you want to be free."

I tell the Tree,
"You were born, not in an arid land,
Where you would bury your head in the sand,
You talk to the sky, you face the wind,
Though your roots, the Earth does bind,
You are meant to have your head held high,
Though thunders may rip apart the sky,
Mellifluous whispers or ravaging roars,
As a friend or a foe, the Wind is yours."

"Don't make friends with the bank"
The ripples would tell the River.
"A tranquil life the bank avails
What does it know of your travails?
Your journey downhill, the precipice steep
The cold mountains, the valleys deep,
Never such perils the bank has seen,
Sedentary all his life he's been,
The sea is where you must proceed,
It is your destiny to succeed.

I tell the River,
"Your destiny shall take you far away,
A moment more you may not stay,
But the bank has walked with you forever,
In the face of perils, he did not waver,
You may not have noticed him untill now,
But he has fulfilled his eternal vow,
You have often, in an impassioned rage,
Brought on it, unspeakable ravage,
Yet silent he has let you have your way,
Never given you a reason to dismay,
The sea is the destiny you must attain,
But the bank is your compatriot in sun or rain.

"Don't make friends with passing Time"
So the clock tells me,
"No one has ever been able to stop,
The relentlessness of his steady gallop,
He is the craftiest of them all,
At once he would deceive you that he has stalled,
The next moment you would think,
He's hurrying away in a blink,
And then he will make you live a life,
That is yet to come, or has long gone by. "

I say, "I know I am a gullible prey,
I have often lost count of nights and days,
But, yet I dare to befriend Time,
To reach for him, and make him mine.

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