Saturday, February 12, 2011

Alcoholic anonymous

For a friend who is almost perpetually drunk
in every sense of the word.

Have you seen one
Walking in a daze
Hair in disarray
From inebriate craze.
Have you seen one
Of unsteady stride
Clutching at his fears
As they deride.
Have you seen one
Rambling prayers
Peeling from his heart
Calloused layers.
Have you seen one
At the red horizon
Drunk and drowning
In his bitter poison.

I have seen one
Quite like you say
Hair in disarray
Drunk each day.
Drunk in glee
Like a child with the world,
In the palm of his hand
Lovingly curled.
Drunk in passion
Like a musician's note
Searching for freedom
From a singers throat.
Drunk in wisdom
Like a gust of snow
That comes like epiphany
And stays evermore.

I have seen one
Drunk to the brim
But never seen another
Drunk like him.