Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Chili Peppers and Moonlight

I like the days,
Not because they are bright and sunny,
But because they are all different.
I like the wind in the trees, and how it makes them sway
Appears to me, like they are sharing some joke
Falling over each other laughing.
Sometimes I can even hear them play a symphony
Or dance a ballet,
Even when I am on the other side of the glass.
My apartment has a little patio,
There is a little potted plant, at the base of the steps
Not mine.
It bears red hot chili peppers, really red!
I see it everyday when I leave for work, 
It looks like a big red flower, makes me smile.

I like the nights,
Not because they are dark,
But because they are all so enchanting
I like the crickets of the night as much
As I like the butterflies of the day
There is a lot of screaming in the night,
Screams of neon signs, screams of car headlights
Screams of light bulbs from glass windows.
But the night steals behind me and whispers,
"Don't scream, just... dissolve!"
And then when I go under the covers
The moonlight streams in through my drawn down blinds
And gives me a kiss.
Well, it's only the light from the adjacent apartment
But under the covers, it feels the same.

This is my world.
Where colors are not the monopoly of flowers,
Where music is not necessarily heard,
Where moonlight is not the prerogative of the moon.
I can share it with you, a bit
Only as long, you don't come by and say
"This ain't the real thing".

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