Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Behind the glass

Last night it rained
I heard the spatter on my window pane,
I woke up late, after the sun,
When its seven colored, rainbow was gone,

Behind the glass...

Behind the glass I lure a dream,
Wandering away on a sun beam.

Papers, pens, paraphernalia,
Piled on my desk...a silly memorabilia,
I stare hard at the computer screen,
Wondering how long has it been
Since last night's rain,
Behind the glass...

Behind the glass, the sky is bleak,
A jet plane leaves a cloudy streak.

The music fills in for the sun,
The sky wears a robe, a purple one,
It must be cold, I presume,
I wait for the love song to resume.
Still behind the glass...

Behind the glass, I wish a charm,
May it rain tonight again,
On my thirsty open palm...

On the other side of the glass.

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