Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tree with rust colored leaves

Have you been standing all winter long,
Tree with rust colored leaves ?
The spring is almost peeping out
From the mortification of snow.
Chirping birds, insects rubbing their sleepy eyes,
Your compatriots still stand needle bare,
Waiting for their new garments.
But you amaze me,
You have been standing all winter,
With your rust colored leaves !
Such resilience, such strength
To thwart a winter so long.

But tell me Tree with rust colored leaves,
Would you stand thus through spring ?
Or would you finally relent,
Let those rust colored leaves die ?
To die in spring is such an anticlimax!*
You know Tree with rust colored leaves,
You almost remind me,
Of my congealed cacophony,
Masquerading as a zest for life.

* I was wondering what that line sounds like and then I remembered:
"Goodbye my friend, its hard to die, when all the birds are singing in the sky"
One of my mostest favoritest songs
So I am posting it here, enjoy!

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