Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I have nothing against you
I don't want to fight you, or pull you down.
I am a feminist, but I am also feminine
If you come to my womb, I will nurse you,
If you burn in my passion, I will burn with you,
If you inspire me, I will learn from you,
You play as many roles to me, as I play to you.

It is true that most of my scars are because of you,
But it is you who I hope will cure me,
Unlock that shrine of happiness, I believe, rests within me.
Though I don't aspire for your approval,
I do adorn myself for your eyes,
Worry myself on your big and small problems,
And laugh with you, when you think you are funny,
I show you in every possible way that you are important to me.

What I don't understand is,
Why is it still so difficult to make you accept me ?
You don't like me if I am like you,
You are not happy when I am myself,
The easiest way you can hurt me
Is by attacking me as a woman rather than a person.
And I keep wondering, what is so terribly wrong about my womanhood,
That it not only leaves you perennially confused,
But also leaves me, with an all pervasive feeling,
Of being so totally a woman. 

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