Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Courting the lights

The most satisfying experience I had in a long long time was the production of this years Yoni Ki Baat. Both as a director and as an actor, this was possibly the best I have ever done. But let me cut the "I" out for a moment (I will come back to the "I" in more details later). Let me say, it was possibly the best "WE" did together. With standing ovations on both nights of the show, I guess I do not really need to emphasize more on the quality of the performance we put up. We includes everyone who was in any way involved with the production - Co directors Ayeshah and Amberine; cast members Sarah, Nicole, Zahra, Swati, Florence, Shagun, Kahaema, Nathalie, Ayeshah, Amberine and me; Lights and sound directors Kelly and Arun; Jacqui Scott for her creative inputs. (Pardon me if I am missing someone). I cannot thank all of you enough for giving me a memory I will cherish for life :). It was a humbling experience to know you all and work with such immensely talented and strong individuals. I only wish that there were words better than cliches to express this feeling.

Now coming back to the "I" part. Needless to say, I am satisfied. And I am still basking in the afterglow of those two nights of the show. Saturday's finale show was awesome, not just because the show was great, which it obviously was, but also because I had friends present in the audience to hug and gush about with, after the performance. Trust me, for someone who has spent two years in Madison, without cultivating attachments like regular "friendship" outside of the workplace, this is a big thing. Of course the fault or deficiency lies with me. I have taken to this life of isolation, and now I am too comfortable with it. So I must also thank all those friends who came for the show and made my day on Saturday. Friday however was different.

So on Friday, the show was over, the arc lights were turned off, the bows were taken, compliments received, the crowds ultimately dispersed, and it was time for me to walk back home, of course alone. The blood in my veins was still rushing feverishly; in my mind, I saw again and again the audience rising on their feet to the accompaniment of the unstoppable applause (i might be totally exaggerating here :P). And as I walked on the dimly illumined side walk, suddenly the lights- the street lamps, the red green traffic lights, the shop windows, seemed to be wooing me. I stood under the lights, I performed, the leaves rustled in applause, I took a bow, I moved on, from light to light, from stage to stage. It was exhilarating, this romance with the lights, this performance on this ephemeral stage.
A stage where every man must play a part
And mine not a sad one... for I chose this part, this illumined stage, this narcissistic romance. 

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