Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Phoenix and the Bug

The Phoenix lives for a thousand years,
And then jumps into the fire to be born again.

The bug molts, discards its old unfitting ugly skin
And wears a new garb.

Why does the Phoenix immolate himself ?
What is it that he wants to wipe away
From the memory of four hundred thousand days?
What does it want to forget ?
And what is the point of being born again,
If you cannot use your experiences ?
If you have to learn all lessons all over again ?
Maybe he will learn them better this time,
But he will never know that.

Why does the bug shed its skin ?
What blemish does it have on his body, what scar,
That he wants to remove, what new avatar
Does he want to adopt?
And what is the point of changing the garb,
If you cannot change your memories?
For they have the deepest wounds.
Maybe he will look like someone else
But he will never be so.

The Bug is real.
The Phoenix is only fantastic.

(I am a bug)

P.S. The last line should not have been there. But it sounded so funny in my head that I had to put it. I put a parenthesis to reduce the comic effect. But this is supposed to be a serious poem ok ? If it makes you laugh, feel free to :P 

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