Tuesday, November 23, 2010

An Ode to Autumn Leaves

This is the ode, I have been so wanting to write all these days. I have done a really bad job i am sure, and it is not even a proper ode. I wanted it to sound a little archaic, so that is intentional. Though originally I had planned to write it with Thee's and Thou's, but discarded the idea.

Beautiful they are, but vain and evanescent.
The expensive accessories of the spring,
Are lost soon, when the windy harbinger
News of the approaching winter brings,
You stand tall and watch as the grass
Turns brown and barren, on the ground below
The dead flowers shall soon be covered,
With a cold and frozen shroud of snow.
But before the winter can obliterate
All colors, all cheer, you try once last
To mellow the acceptance of impending fate,
To remind of the beauty of the spring gone past,
You change your hues, as if on fire, yet mild,
And you surpass the spring in so many ways,
For soon you shall fall, be crumpled, stepped on
But yet you set yourself ablaze.

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