Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bad Poetry about Me

I can wear an attitude, I can wear a grace,
I can spell DUMB and stamp it across my face,
I can be a Mac Book Pro, I can be a PC,
I can be a Linux too, but I don't really find it easy,  (Ok I am not a geek :P)
I can be the party-pooper, I can be it's soul,
I can bring things to stop, I can make them roll,
I can sing the saddest songs, and make the worst jokes,
Either way, people cry, at my masterstrokes,
I can be the outspoken one, I can be so shy,
I can go red in the face, at the sight of a handsome guy, (or girl ?)
I can be the lazy bone, I can be the sprinter,
I can be a pacifier, I can be the splinter,
I can talk to reveal myself, I can talk to fake,
I can talk, like I am now, just for narcissism's sake.
I can go on an on, about all that I can be,
Or I can stop right now and ask , really
No, I mean.. REALLY,
Which one of these is ME ?

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