Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Helpless Adultery

The night yawns away
Waiting for me,
From the corner of his eyes
Looks mischievously
He has drawn his covers
And is ready for the game
Impatient yet calm
He calls me by my name
I say, "You must wait"
For my day is not yet done,
I have chores to finish,
Before the rising sun".

The night smiles back at me,
And in an alluring voice,
Tells me "Come oh dear,
There is not a gasp nor noise,
Let this quietude make,
You heart so light and pure,
And then I'll gift you Love
Dreams that burdens cure".
I say, "Oh sweetheart wait,
For voices speak in my heart,
Such Dreams that you promise me,
Make me shudder and start."

The night turns away to fake,
An anger he does not feel,
Looks from under the covers,
If glances any I steal,
He finds me hard at work,
With a zeal of indifference
Seeming heartless as steel,
Not to stand interference.
My diligence, he reads as arrogance
In my silence he hears disdain,
And it's long before he closes,
His eyes to shroud the pain.

The night has fallen asleep
And I still stare out in the dark,
His arms still open for me,
Hush! his heartbeats hark!
I wish I could lie by him,
And listen to his misty voice 
But alas it's a love, I must refuse 
For I have no other choice,
How do I tell him Lord,
That in the darkness of its grave
My heart sits up for another,
The one whose love I crave.

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