Tuesday, November 23, 2010


And I have seen the waves
And laid myself dead within dark caves
And I have walked the dark miles
Peeling off my lonely smiles, 
And I have fallen on my knees
And begged and begged to be free
And yet today I see, a horizon still tied
To a sea of tears not yet dried 
And I wonder if I will not
Surrender to what I fought
Not walk willingly in a mesh
And bleed all over afresh
And I wonder why, when I know,
That the lights, the songs are all just show
Why would I drink in from the glass
That cut me deep sometime, alas.
And yet I know there it flows
The river that life is, there it goes
And as I stand at the shore,
I wonder again, how much more
Shall I watch it ripple away,
And I wonder, if I may
Jump in that river of joys and pain
To live again, to die again
Again and again. 

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