Tuesday, November 23, 2010

On Death

Today let me believe, I am better off than you are,
My world is better than yours,
My friends are better than yours.
I can hide myself in the embrace of my darkness,
I can wear him on my eyes,
You my friend, cannot even stare into your lights.
I traded your music for my silence,
She lulls me to an eternity of sleeplessness,
You chatter yourself to sleep and fear nightmares.
You have your keepsakes framed and displayed for the world,
I have my scars, so dear to me, I don't need to flaunt.
Today let me believe I was saved from living your life,
As you leave me flowers, and sigh, that I never had any,
As you mourn my death and walk away.

Sorry for the spooky title and spooky poem :D

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