Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I wish we,
Me and you,
Would sit up late into the night,
Tell some tales, some stories old,
Whisper in the dark, some secrets true.

I wish we,
Me and you,
Would race up the hill, in frenzied rave,
Would fall panting on the glowing grass,
And watch the heavens blissfully blue.

I wish we,
Me and you,
Would make a snowman, out of the storm,
Catch flakes of wantonly drifting mirth,
In a winter cold, but an ardor new.

I wish we,
Me and you,
Would talk of homes and homelessness,
Would walk on nowhere leading paths,
Would heal some scars, some pains accrued.

But do we,
Me and you,
Exist at all ?  Maybe we do.
Somewhere behind the looking glass,
Where we, you and me, can never be, alas!
But I will have us no closer no far,
I will have you just where you are,
A place where there is no sunbeam, no frost,
A place where I am just the air,
And you are a whisper often lost.

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