Tuesday, November 23, 2010

LED man

Where do you go, in such a hurry,
O little white LED man,
If I stop long enough this side,
You'll extend your red LED hand,
And then we'll high five and strike a bond,
And we can be best of friends,
And I can tell you stories such,
That no one else comprehends.

O white LED man, there are,
O there are, so many, just like you,
They come in a hurry, they walk right by
They often even do a big high five,
They stop briefly as their clocks tick away,
And then they are gone with the blink of an eye.

I must walk too, white LED man,
Before the clock ticks, and time runs out,
It's a busy street, you bet it is,
And I must certainly be out and about. 

We'll meet again, at the next block,
And high five with your red LED hand,
So long, lets keep walking our way,
O little white LED man.

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